Database Reactivation

Revive your cold leads and see the difference

Do you have customer databases sitting there dormant? You can now make them work for you. Using our cutting-edge AI technology, we can bring your databases back to life and pull-out sales that you didn’t know were possible. Our clients have seen 12x plus returns on this strategy. What’s best is that you don’t even need to lift a finger, our AI filters through everything just leaving you with qualified, high intent leads.

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Lead Nurturing CRM

Transform Lead Management for Maximum Conversions

When the leads start flowing in, knowing how to manage and convert them to more sales is vitally crucial to the success of your company.

Through our numerous years in the leads industry, we have developed a system that is intuitive and easy to use. From a simplistic overview of your pipeline, a centralised outreach messaging platform to an integrated calendar system are just some features we have designed to boost conversion rates.

With the knowledge of our breadth of experts, our true made for you service will tailor the CRM to the industry of your choice. In combination of some complimentary AI tools such appointment booking – it has never been this easy to nurture your leads.

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AI Sales Android

Meet the newest 24/7 Sales Assistant on the team

Speed to lead has never been more important. Once the prospect is in the algorithm for your niche its likely they will be seeing competitor ads and enquiring elsewhere. This ChatGPT Sales Android solves that problem and many others.

The AI is built from the ground up and is trained and tailored around your company and brand. This is essentially a brand-new employee who works around the clock 365 days a year. Our AI doesn’t like taking sick days either. Say goodbye to missed opportunities with our AI Sales Android. Designed to engage, qualify, and follow up with leads round the clock, this virtual assistant boosts contact and conversion rates, ensuring you never lose a prospect again. Try our free test sales android to witness its impact firsthand.

What does it do? It engages straight away with new leads, qualifying them, building rapport and intent as well as taking care of follow ups and reminders. The best part is you will never miss an out of hour lead again. Reduce lead wastage and maximise your contact and conversion rates. DigiFlow AI users on average see an 8% conversion increase from using this software.

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AI Automation product

Stay ahead of the curve with AI

Time has always been the most valuable resource. Save yours by automating aspect of your business. We have bots that can auto comment on Facebook, can analyse your competitors, message people on LinkedIn, analyse your site for SEO tips and many more. This is a done for you service so we take care of the implementation as well. Our tailored automation solutions not only save time but also enhance productivity.

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