Revitalise Your Business with AI-Powered Database Reactivation

Do you have customer databases sitting there dormant?
You can now make them work for you. Using our cutting-edge AI technology, we can bring your databases back to life and pull-out sales that you didn’t know were possible. 

How AI reactivation can transform your database

Our clients have seen 12x plus returns on this strategy. What’s best is that you don’t even need to lift a finger, our AI filters through everything just leaving you with qualified, high intent leads.

How does it work?


You Upload

your customer subscriber database via our secure portal.


We Develop

the AI bot tailored to your company and product or service.


We Setup

the lead qualifying and nurturing strategies.


This is Where

the magic happens, the AI converses with your customers.


What’s Left?

high intent, highly qualified appointments in your calendar ready to close.

How Can AI Database Reactivation Benefit Your Business?

Enter the age of AI and the solution to your database woes: Database Reactivation. At Digi-Flow, we’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to bring you an innovative product that promises to revamp and rejuvenate your old data-bases.

Boosted Engagement

AI analyses dormant databases to identify re-engagement opportunities, allowing businesses to target specific individuals with tailored marketing strategies, leading to increased engagement.

Cost Efficiency

Reactivating old leads via AI is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, as it revitalizes existing databases without the need for expensive campaigns.

Personalized Outreach

AI enables hyper-personalized communications by understanding each contact's nuances, making outreach efforts more effective.

Data Cleaning

The AI tool cleans and updates the database by removing redundant information and ensuring data accuracy, streamlining marketing efforts.

Predictive Analysis

AI predicts trends, potential sales, and repeat business opportunities from the revitalized database, offering valuable insights for future strategies.

Seamless Integration

The AI product integrates smoothly with most CRM systems, facilitating an easy start to reactivation efforts.

Automated Follow-Ups

Automates the process of sending reminders and messages to potential leads, saving time and resources.


Utilizing AI for database reactivation provides businesses with a competitive edge by making the process efficient, effective, and profitable, emphasizing the importance of adopting the latest technologies.

What do our customers say?

"After implementing AI database reactivation, we've seen a significant uptick in customer engagement. The personalized outreach is a game-changer, leading to higher conversion rates. Highly recommend for businesses looking to leverage their existing database efficiently."

"The cost efficiency of using AI for reactivating our old leads was impressive. We saved a lot on our marketing budget while increasing our ROI. The seamless integration with our CRM made the transition smooth and easy."

"The automated follow-ups feature has been a major time-saver for our sales team. We're now able to stay on top of potential leads without manual intervention. Plus, the predictive analysis has provided valuable insights for our future campaigns."


Pricing is based on your business and product or service, we do offer performance based pricing to some businesses so book a call below to find out today.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI database reactivation involves using artificial intelligence to identify and re-engage inactive leads in your database, enhancing marketing strategies and engagement.

It reduces costs by reactivating old leads instead of acquiring new ones, making the most of your existing database efficiently.

AI analyzes individual customer data to tailor communications specifically to their interests and behaviors, increasing the effectiveness of outreach efforts.

AI tools clean and update your database by removing outdated information and ensuring the accuracy of the data used in your marketing campaigns.

AI automates the follow-up process, sending timely and relevant communications to potential leads, saving time and increasing the chances of re-engagement.

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